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Francesco Filidei/Blow Up Percussion: Silence = Death (Democracy)

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The Girl in the Abstract Bed       Beethoven 250       Fathers and Sons


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Silence = Death (Democracy)
adapted for World AIDS Day 2020


Exquisite Pandemic's illustrious Welsh patron saint, Henry Cyril Paget, 5th Marquess of Anglesey (1875-1905) who at 23 inherited an enormous estate including a large country house the chapel of which he converted to a 150-seat theater in which he played all the lead roles. He was known for his Butterfly Dancing, when he would costume himself in a voluminous robe of transparent white silk and wave it about in a manner purporting to evoke wings, an embodiment of evanescence. 

He died bankrupt in Monte Carlo, age 30, leaving behind a monumental collection of jewels, clothes, shoes, and dogs, his marriage to cousin Lilian rather severely unconsummated.

Exquisite Pandemic contributor Paul Griffiths, likewise Welsh, is said to be a distant relation.