Yahia Lababidi


Pandemics are also tests of emotional intelligence.

Patriotism, today, is to be ashamed of one’s country.


Humility is to entertain the possibility that our detractors might be right about us. 



You are what you do not post online.

Our insecurities prevent us from recognizing how dearly we are beloved.

Our fascination with the monstrous perpetuates it.

If life has placed you on probation, best to proceed with added caution.

Love has many faces—righteous indignation is one.


Remember, nobody can help you—but anybody can lend a hand.

Looking a gift horse in the mouth is the human condition.

Inspiration speaks in fits and starts—revealing to us only what is necessary at the time.

Radical gratitude: to be thankful for the good, the bad, and what we do not know or  understand. 

November 2020

Yahia Lababidi, Egyptian-Lebanese, is the author of several books of poetry and prose. His latest is Revolutions of the Heart, a collection of essays and conversations.